Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Five Swimming-Pool Maintenance Tips That You Must Follow

Keeping your swimming pool sparkling clean does not have to be as troublesome as you might think. All swimming-pools are diverse, and so are their maintenance requirements. However, they all share one theme: the key to unspoiled swimming-pool health is regular maintenance. Although you left the job to a professional pool cleaning company, but still you need to do a few things to make sure your pool remains in great condition for years to come.

Skim debris and clean out baskets:

filters imagesSkimming the surface of your pool by hand in regular interval is the best thing you can do to keep your pool fresh and clean. Floating leaves and debris will eventually sink, becoming tougher to remove? Use a hand skimmer to take away bugs, leaves, and other undesired stuff. Skimming considerably improves the effectiveness of the swimming-pool’s circulation system and lessens the quantity of chlorine you will require to put into your pool.

Vacuum the swimming and brush tile and walls:

A pool must be vacuumed every week to keep water crystal clear and decrease the quantity of chemicals you require to put into it.

However, vacuuming is not the lone task that must be accomplished once a week. Brushing the walls and tile helps curtail algae buildup and calcium deposits so they don’t aggravate and become bigger issues.

Clean the swimming -pool filter:

There’re 3 types of swimming-pool filters: sand, cartridges and diatomaceous earth. While there are diverse maintenance procedures for each kind, all need periodic cleaning. Cleaning the filter reduces the chlorine consumption and keeps the pump running smoothly. However, regular cleaning of pool filter is not recommended as it can reduce the filter ability to filter fine particles. Instead, clean the filter when the pressure rise 3-5 pounds over the clean pressure.

Check and sustain the water level:

imagesA large amount of water will be lost during the swimming season due to evaporation, splashing and back washing. When the pool water level is set to the middle of the Swimming pool skimmer baskets and the skimmer door is functioning properly. Debris will be skimmed off the surface reducing the need to skim the pool and vacuuming the pool. Be sure to empty the skimmer basket, not doing so can damage the pool pump by restricting water flow to the pump.

Maintain the pH level:

Swimming-pool water must be tested on a regular basis to ensure it is properly balanced and sanitized. The pH is particularly important as it affects the efficiency of the chlorine. A reading between 7.4 and 7.6 is perfect, and 7.2 to 7.8 is acceptable in most cases. A Higher pH will reduce the chlorine ability to combat algae, bacteria and germs. Lower pH will cause the chlorine to be too active.

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Monday, 11 May 2015

Automatic Pool Cleaners: What Features To Take Into Account

One of the necessary and frequent responsibilities that come along with owning a swimming-pool is cleaning it. However, if you possess a small pool or an inflatable pool, standard size automatic swimming-pool cleaners will prove to be too bulky and big for the task. Smaller areas need smaller pooHayward Pool Vac Pool Cleanersl cleaners. Often for small above ground or in-ground pools, manually cleaning may be the best choice. If you have a larger above ground pool Hayward’s AquaBug is an excellent choice, whereas for larger in-ground pools. Hayward Pool Vac Pool Cleaners are a time proven choice.
For smaller pools and spas, Pentair’s Rainbow Vac could be the ideal choice. This is a simple vacuum that is powered by your garden hose. As you manually move it along the bottom of your pool and spa dirt is picked up and collected into a bag above the cleaner. The bag is reusable and replaceable.
In brief, when it is about small pools or spas, selecting the ideal pool cleaner relies mainly on your own requirements. For smaller pools, manually cleaning the pool might be your best choice. At we have manual vacuums, as well as automatic pool cleaners for all types of pools.

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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Different Type of Swimming Pool Covers

There are 2 main uses of pool cover. First, a pool cover can decrease your swimming-pool’s maintenance expenditure, and second; a safety cover saves you or your children from serious mishap. There are a range of covers accessible, and you must discover one that meets your requirements. There are four main kinds of available pool covers. They are safety covers, winter cSolar pool coversovers, solar covers, and leaf nets respectively. Let’s have a look at them briefly:

Solar pool covers:

This type of cover will help save water and energy. They can raise the water temperature of your pool by an average of 10 degrees by soaking sunlight throughout the day and keeping that temperature in the swimming-pool at night. A solar pool cover will decrease your water and chemical evaporation by up to seventy percent, which can save a large amount of water every month.

Winter pool covers:

These kinds of pool covers are employed mainly to safeguard the swimming-pool from winter weather and to keep dirt, leaves and other debris from getting into the swimming pool. For an in-ground swimming pool, a winter pool cover is retained in place with water bags positioned around the border. Leaves are collected on the top of the cover. A winter pool cover also obstructs sunlight and prohibits algae build up. Most importantly, a winter pool cover is a crucial part of winterizing your swimming-pool, which makes your springtime activities much simpler and less costly.

Leaf net covers:
 Swimming pool skimmer baskets
These types of covers are very light in weight and help you reduce buildups of soaked leaves and twigs entering the pool as they are retained above your leaf net cover. This type of cover makes removal of leaves and other debris simpler than vacuuming the pool. .They can be put over solar or winter covers, extending the life of your solar or winter cover. They can be utilized in any season and are a huge aid if your swimming-pool is placed in a region enclosed by trees.

Safety pool covers:

Safety covers are the most expensive kind of pool cover. A safety pool cover is a safety fence over your swimming-pool. A safety pool cover is secured into the deck. There should be no gaps between the cover and the pool that could enable a child or pet to get under the cover and into the water. These types of cover offer the pool owner peace of mind that no kid falls into the swimming pool. is a leading supplier of pool products offering amazing deals on all pool products. Also, find great deals on Swimming pool skimmer baskets, spa air blowers, swimming pool filters at

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