Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Supplies for Keeping Your Swimming Pool Clean

Swimming Pool FilterIt’s easier than ever these days to keep your swimming looking just like because of the availability of quality cleaning products. There are many tools to choose from, including skimmers, brushes, and vacuum heads. These tools make pools maintenance easier than ever, meaning that you can spend more time swimming and less time cleaning.

The most popular tools for pool maintenance are leaf skimmers, leaf rakes, brushes, corner brushes, pools sweeps, grids and cartridges for the filter, motors and pumps, swimming pool filter and many more. Virtually all of these accessories are necessary, especially when you've got trees around the pool. Leaves in the water can be very annoying and distracting, and should be removed frequently.

Keeping your pool looking just like new requires that you keep the water clean and sanitary. There are many water care products that you can purchase, including balancing chemical substances, sanitizers, chemicals to treat algae, stain removal products, water testing kits, and saltwater systems. The water in the pool acts as a sanitizer, as it helps in getting rid of impurities and inhibiting the growth of any organic material in the water.

Having clean water in your pool will greatly reduce the load that organic material puts on the filter. Maintaining the proper pH balance and the correct levels of alkalinity are also very critical to keeping your pool sparkling. You should make certain that you check your calcium levels as well. The pump that you use is very important, and the right pump will help you to save energy. You can make things easier on yourself by getting an automatic pool cleaner that will do just about everything for you.

To keep your swimming pool water pure, you'll need to add chlorine by hand or by using a tablet dispenser to ensure that you constantly have the correct chemical balance in the pool water. Chlorine is also important for protecting the skin; however, you should try not to swallow water while you are in the swimming pool. Salt water swimming pool water generators are another favorite way to get a lot of swimming pool water.

As long you use the appropriate products for your pool and perform the proper maintenance, you'll be able to enjoy fresh, clean water that you can swim in at any time. Having clean water is also healthy for your skin, and for anyone else who gets in your pool. You can get a pool testing kit for little or nothing, and it will more than pay for itself when you commit to checking your water. Sea all Our Swimming Pool Products at

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Friday, 16 May 2014

Important Swimming Pool Supplies

Swimming Pool ProductsIt’s wonderful to have your own swimming pool at home. You can get together with friends or family for amazing weekend gatherings, eat together and have fun in your swimming area or just hang out in your pool. As an added bonus, having a swimming pool enhances the appearance and value of your property, making it more attractive to buyers if you decide to sell your house. Homeowners know how important it is to keep the pool and the areas around it well-maintained.

Swimming Pool Supplies and maintenance can be difficult due to the different types of weather, and it may become overwhelming to keep up with it if you have other projects to complete. More homeowners are now looking for supplies and services that can help them get the job done quickly and easily. Listed below are 4 important must-have pool supplies that can help you keep your pool pristine with very little effort.

Pool vacuum cleaning - These systems help ensure that leaves, dirt and other debris in your swimming pool are removed effectively and quickly. A clean pool is important not just for aesthetic and health reasons, but to maintain the value of your investment. Pool vacuum systems can save you a lot on hiring pool professionals, which can sometimes be expensive.

Pool filtration – Pool filters help to eliminate impurities that are not removed by simply vacuuming the pool. Dirt, leaves, sunscreens, bacteria and other debris often remain in the pool since vacuum cleaning alone cannot completely clean up the water, so setting up a filtration system is vital.

Automatic chlorinates - This saves you the trouble of having to manually add chlorine to your pool and helps keep the pool evenly chlorinated without the need for testing the water repeatedly or handling chemicals. An automatic chlorinator also offers you the benefit of not having to be refilled as frequently as a floating chlorinator.

With these tools, you can be confident that maintenance on your Swimming Pool Products will be effectively managed so that you will have more time to devote to other tasks and to enjoy your favorite activities. For your Swimming Pool and Patio Needs See

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Monday, 5 May 2014

How to choose the best swimming filter?

A lot of people seem to be puzzled about which filter will perform best for their swimming pool. There is no single answer for that question, but the more you understand about swimming pool filtration the better decision you can make.

Swimming Pool FilterThere are three main types of swimming pool area filtration. They are fine sand, cartridge, or diatomaceous earth. Any of the three will do a good job at filtering your pool, but there are pros and cons for each of them. Let's see what they are.

Sand filtration – Sand filters use a special grade of silica sand to filter the pool water. The larger surface area of a filter equates to more gallons per minute that the filter can handle. As the water is passes from the top of the filter to the bottom, the sand captures the dirt and sends filtered water back to the pool. When the filter requires cleaning the water is reversed in the filter and the dirt is flushed out to waster. The sand filter is mid-range in cost of the filters and is the least expensive to operate.

Cartridge filtration -- These are perhaps the most convenient to understand and use. They perform similarly to the way an oil filter works in a car. A filter cartridge consists of a paper like material; the water from the pool passes through the filter and is returned to the pool cleaned. To clean a swimming pool filter cartridge, the filter is removed from the housing containing the filter and is hosed down to remove dirt and debris. Periodically the cartridge will require replacing. The Cartridge filter is the least expensive to buy and the most expensive to maintain.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) – Diatomaceous earth filters in most cases use grids. Grids have a nylon fabric stretched over a substrate to hold the fabric; the grids are coated with DE by adding DE Powder to the skimmer.

Diatomaceous earth filters are perhaps the best water polisher of all the three filtration methods. The tiny diatoms can narrow out waste as small as 5 microns from your water, making it an excellent filtration media. Similar to the fine sand diatomaceous earth filters must be backwashed every so often when the pressure increases, typically when the pressure increases by 5 pounds. The used diatomaceous earth is washed away, and the filter is re-coated with fresh DE. DE filters are generally the most expensive to buy and intermediate in cost to maintain.

So what is the best swimming pool filtration system? That relies on several factors. What is most important to you? Cost, best water quality, ease of cleaning, long term cost. If your choice is lower initial cost, then cartridge filters is your best choice. If you want ease of maintenance, then sand is perhaps the better choice. If you want the best water quality, the DE filters are the best choice. Finally the lowest long term cost is sand, not requiring replacing cartridges or replacing DE.

What is popular in a particular area varies by geographic location in the country. Please remember water quality starts with water chemistry and in properly balanced water.

Hopefully, this article has assisted you understand a little bit more about the different kinds of swimming pool filtration systems that are available, how they perform, and what you can expect from each one. By analyzing the features listed above you should be able to decide which swimming pool filter will perform best for you. Please visit for your pool and patio needs.

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