Monday, 16 March 2015

Hayward Navigator – The Best Pool Cleaner Available In the Market

If you’re searching for a best in class swimming-pool cleaner, consider the Hayward Navigator. This cleaner has been in the marketplace a number of years and has its roots back in the late 80’s. Hayward’s commitment to excellence has seen improvements in design and performance. Hayward navigator is packed with a wide variety of exclusive features which makes it an effective and extremely powerful pool cleaner. Among the exclusive features the Hayward Navigator is its mapping capability. The circular pattern cleaning cleans all parts of the pool surface. Another major advantage of this swimming-pool cleaner is the fact that the entire cleaning is accomplished without the requirement for any human interference.

Smart drive programming:

The Hayward Navigator is equipped with a brilliant drive navigation program. This makes sure the cleaner moves efficiently and silently. The efficient steering of the Hayward Navigator will clean the entire pool surface. The cleaner turns right and left cleaning the pool design of the Hayward Navigator pool cleaner assures that it will eliminate all types of debris including twigs, dry leaves, pollen, pebbles, and sand from every inch of your swimming pool. Because of this the Hayward Navigator is believed to be one of the finest pool cleaners available in the market. Regardless of the dimension of your swimming pool, you’ll find this item to work wonders when it is all about thorough cleaning.

Installation of the Hayward Navigator could not be easier. Take it out of the box, connect hoses, attach hose to cleaner, and insert hose either into the skimmer or a dedicated vacuum line.

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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

How to Take Care of Your Swimming Pool Cartridge Filters

Do you have a pool in your backyard? Do you like swimming more than anything else? It’s extremely crucial to sanitize your swimming pool at regular intervals to avoid any health issues. Swimming pool filters are a superb means to remove the debris particles from the pool which helps your pool sanitizer work more efficiently. You must maintain that filter for optimum results. pool filters: Cartridge pool filters consist of a paper like material that removes the debris from the pool by allowing water to pass through the substrate, returning water to the pool sparkling clean. Replacing pool filter cartridges can be costly so you want to make them last as long as possible. Clean cartridges periodically by removing the cartridge from the housing and simply hose them off with a strong stream of water.

Never use acid on a filter as it can shorten the life of the filter. Maintaining good water chemistry will also prolong the life of the filter. Excessive use of sun tan oils can cause an oil build up on the cartridge. Soaking your cartridge in a mixture of one cup of tri sodium phosphate to five gallons of water can be beneficial. Powered dish washer detergent can also be used. A typical cartridge has a standard longevity of two to three years. With a little care this can easily be extended to three to four years, which will avoid premature cartridge failure of one to two years.


Make sure the pressure is within the normal operating range for your filter. Excessive pressure can damage the filter and force dirt back into the pool. Cartridge filters should be cleaned when the pressure reaches 5-8 pounds above the pressure when initially installed.

Regular cleaning:

Cleaning of cartridges regularly is certain to extend Cartridge filter life.

Don’t damage the filter: using brushes on the surface of the filter. Only use water pressure or the cleaning method described above.

Use 2 sets of cartridges:

You can improve the life-span of cartridges by employing two sets of cartridge, alternatively. You must clean dirt cartridges on a regular basis and keep them in a dry and safe place to improve their performance. This is especially useful when you have to soak cartridges to remove oils.

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Monday, 9 March 2015

Most Affordable Means to Operate a Pool Heater

You can extend your swimming season into the cooler months by installing a good quality pool heater. As with all-power consuming gadgets, the heater can quickly become a drain on your budget if not handled appropriately. The major consideration in effectively utilizing the pool heater is how often you make use of the swimming pool.

Heater size:

HE-24501Having the appropriate size of a heater, heats the swimming pool in the quickest time and decreases damage on the gadget. The surface area of the swimming pool and the required heat rise decide the needed BTU – or the sum of power output – from the pool heater. For instance, a medium sized, 500-square-foot swimming pool that requires a standard temperature climb of fifteen degrees Fahrenheit needs, a 105,000 BTU heater.

When to heat?

If the swimming pool isn’t going to be utilized for many days or more, it’s more efficient to allow it to cool down and then start heating it the day prior to you wish to utilize it. Generally, it takes about twenty-four hours to raise a swimming pool to the required heat, but this estimate differs with the initial water temperature. If the swimming pool is in regular use, or if you wish to use it impulsively, it should be kept the pool heated continuously, which raises the expenditure. Keeping a solar cover on the swimming pool between uses lessens the heat loss and can significantly lower the cost of heating the pool.

Heater types:

The type of heater influences its effectiveness. Many California counties need a low NOx" ignition burner in pool heaters due to its greater effectiveness. Induced draft heaters are also effective, as they draw air into the heater offering a hotter ignition. Millivolt heaters employ a constant navigator light that burns out gas whether the heater in use or not.

Water temperature:

Not making use of the heater just when the water dips below an acceptable temperature, keeps the power usage down. A swimming pool that is seventy-eight degrees or higher temperature is comfortable for most people. If you’re thinking about saving cash or power, run your pool heater only when the water temperature falls below seventy-eight degrees. If the water is adequately tepid, the air temperature will be less significant. Outside temperatures in the 50s, and even 40s, can be tolerated if the heater is keeping the swimming-pool water tepid.

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