Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Swimming Pool Pumps & Filter Are The Most Essential Pool Supplies!

http://www.e-pumps.co.uk/ekmps/shops/pumpshop/images/espa-silen2-150m-swimming-pool-pump-2151-p.jpgEvery swimming pool needs a swimming pool pump & filter for cleaning or filtering the water. When selecting a pump and filter, they must be correctly sized to the volume of water that is in the pool.

The swimming pool pump & filter are responsible for circulating the pool’s chemicals and filtering out debris from the water to keep it sparkling blue. The pump should be sized to the filter, so the pump can pump the number of gallons of water in 6-8 hours that will cause one turnover of the pools water. A larger than needed filter will allow you to clean less often. Never use a smaller filter than what the pump is designed for as it will cause less efficient filtering and higher operating pressures of the filter.

Swimming pool pumps are available in three types, single speed, dual speed and variable speed. Single speed pumps come in a variety of sizes from 0.5 HP to very large 5 HP and larger pumps. Most home pools typically will use a 1 HP pump, larger for higher volume pools and smaller for lower volume pools. Dual speed pumps allow you to operate the pump at a lower speed to allow for chlorination of the pool when the use of the higher speed is not necessary to operate a pool cleaner. Variable speed pumps adjust the speed automatically based on how dirty the filter is. Single speed pumps are the least expensive to buy. Variable speed pumps are the most expensive.

http://swimmingpoolfilterpart.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/swimming-pool-filter1.jpgSwimming pool filter are available in three types: Sand, Cartridge and DE Filters.

Filters can be categorized as follows:

Cost to Buy: Cartridge, Sand and DE (most expensive)
Cost to operate: Sand, DE, Cartridge (most expensive)
Ease of use: Sand (easiest to use), Cartridge, DE
Best Filtration: Sand, Cartridge, DE (Finest filtration)
In my opinion the most important is the cost to operate and ease of use.

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Monday, 6 October 2014

Swimming Pool Products – You Can’t Ignore Them!

So you are planning to own a swimming pool. Well, that’s a great idea. You’re about add a great deal of fun to your love one’s life. A pool is certainly an ideal place to get some good exercises and enjoy your family’s member’s company. Your back yard will possibly turn into the neighborhood’s most preferred gathering spot.

Before rushing to put a pool in your backyard, ample consideration should be given to a number of factors. The most important should be safety. Make sure the pool is designed and installed with safety in mind. In-ground pools should be deep enough to allow diving safely if a diving board is installed. A safety fence should be around the pool to prevent drowning of pets and children. Above ground pools should have barriers protecting entry to the pool on ladders that are secured with locks.

The type of filter used in your pool will determine the on-going cost. Considering the type of filter will determine your on-going costs of maintenance. Cartridge filters are the cheapest to buy and install. They are the highest cost for on-going maintenance as replacement cartridges could run $50.00 to $200.00 to replace every 1-2 years. Sand filters are the easiest to maintain and intermediate in cost to purchase. DE filters are the most expensive to buy and intermediate in on-going maintenance cost. Pumps need to be properly sized to the filter. Pumps can be single speed, dual speed or variable speed. The variable speed pumps are the most expensive to buy and the least expensive to run.

Other considerations should include how the pool is going to be chlorinated and whether the pool is going to be heated.

Finally consider those special toys such as floating loungers, basketball and volleyball games that make that pool in you backyard special. Also, consider swimming pool products that are of good quality.

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