Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Hayward Pool Products Are Most Reliable

Pool owners worldwide trust Hayward swimming-pool products to maintain their pools in the best working condition. No matter, whether you have an above-ground or in-ground pool, swimming pools is possibly your finest retreat for cool and enjoyable experience. pool builders install Hayward Pumps, Filters, Heaters and Lights. Whether your pool was fitted with Hayward Brand to begin with, replacing the pool pump, filter, or heater with a Hayward Brand replacement is a wise choice.

Hayward Pool pumps – Hayward provides a variety of pool pumps for in-ground and above-ground pools. Popular models include:

• Hayward Super pump
• Hayward Max-Flo Pump
• Hayward Super II Pump

Hayward Pool filters; Hayward provides 3 types of filters:

• Sand filters – these filters take away dirt as tiny as 20-40 microns. This needs manual function, and the cleaning procedure should be accomplished every few weeks. The filter should be backwashed by flowing water in opposite direction to discharge debris.

• Cartridge filters – these filters catch debris as minute as ten to fifteen microns. These kinds of filters have a bigger surface area, therefore allowing lesser blocks and simpler maintenance. They’re designed to run at considerably lower pressure, which applies minor backpressure on the swimming pool pump and offers a strong water flow. Cartridge filters can be maintained by washing once a season.

• Diatomaceous Earth filters (DE) – DE filters dust particles as tiny as 2-5 microns. They’re made of solidified exoskeletons of small diatoms. This kind of filter should be backwashed and then re-washed with DE powder. pool cleaners are concerned they’re basically of 3 kinds:

• Robotic
• Pressure
• Suction

All these pool cleaners integrate the newest technology to offer productive cleaning quickly and smoothly. All the Hayward pool supplies are easy to maintain.

Although you can buy the best Hayward swimming pool products from many online stores; My Pool has been serving pool customers on line for over 15 years. We want to be your source for Hayward pool products

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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Automatic Pool Cleaners Are the Best Choice

Having a swimming pool right in your backyard can certainly prove to be enjoyable. When the weather heats up, diving into a sparkling clear pool certainly brightens the day. You can enjoy swimming in the comfort and privacy of your own home. If you are a fitness enthusiast, what could be better than exercising your entire body with a workout in your own swimming-pool? Your pool can be an entertainment center if you want to hold barbecues and pool parties.

urlHowever, to perform all these activities throughout the year you need to maintain your pool properly; lying around under the summer sun by the swimming pool is something you can look forward to. Cleaning your pool requires manual labor, dexterity and some expertise. The reality is that cleaning your pool is an extremely important task. It removes debris from the pool, helps chlorine last longer, and keeps the pool inviting. Periodic brushing helps prevent algae growth. Cleaning your pool is a necessary evil.

Picking the best swimming pool cleaner can be a complicated task due to the range of cleaners that have swamped the market. Pressure and automatic pool cleaners and the newest innovation, robotic pool cleaners, all promise to provide a hands free means of cleaning pools made of concrete, fiberglass, or vinyl.

An automatic pool cleaners can be an aid to helping clean your pool. Most require minimal effort to help maintain the pool in a clean and appealing way. Most cleaners are capable of cleaning the walls and the floor of the pool. Remember to keep the pool water at the proper level so skimming of the pool will be done in an efficient manner, helping any cleaner do a better job.

The automatic pool cleaners have been designed to clean pools of any size whether they are above-ground or in-ground pools. You need to look for a pool cleaner that is designed for in ground or above ground pools and which type of surface of the pool is composed.

url1A long time favorite of mine is the Hayward Pool Vac Pool Cleaner, This is a in-ground suction cleaner that attaches to the skimmer or a dedicated vacuum line. Hayward has produced various models of this cleaner for over 15 years, constantly improving its look and design. For above ground pools the Hayward Aqua Bug is a low cost suction side cleaner. Hayward Pool cleaners can be your best option when it comes to automatic pool cleaners. These popular cleaners help save you time and effort in maintaining your pool. Installation of these pool cleaners is relatively simple, taking less than 10 minutes to start cleaning your pool.

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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Clean Your Swimming Pool in No Time With A Polaris Pool Cleaner enjoy a beautiful sunny day by your swimming pool and perhaps take a swim, the swimming pool must be sanitary, clear and blue. Today, with automatic pool cleaners, such as Polaris pool cleaners, you can be certain that you’re dipping into a pool with crystal clear waters.

Getting your swimming-pool cleaned with any of the models from Polaris will ensure that you’re employing a top quality long lasting pool cleaner. Each model is designed with the most up-to-date methods and technology. In today’s market, you can find diverse cleaners for both in-ground and above-ground pools.

In today’s marketplace there’s a wide range of automatic pool cleaners, which include latest robotic cleaners, automatic vacuum cleaners and suction cleaners. While selecting a pool cleaner, you have to consider the size and shape of swimming-pool. Pool Cleaners with booster pumps are designed to take the debris from the pool and place it in a bag at the top of the pool cleaner. . You just need to periodically empty the bag and backwash the filter. Also, keeping the pool water at the proper level will allow the skimmer to catch the debris before it settles on the bottom of the pool.

It shouldn’t take too much time to clean a pool completely, if you’re making use of a Polaris pool cleaner. Polaris cleaners have been able to consistently deliver great quality and high performance tools for over 30 years. MyPool is one of the premier suppliers of Polaris pool cleaners and Polaris Pool Cleaner Parts.

Here are a few links to popular Polaris Pool Cleaners: Polaris 280 and Polaris 380 Pool cleaners

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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Common Swimming Pool Cleaner Problems

Every pool is constructed differently. Each pool has a personality and each pool cleaner has its own personality. Sometimes matching the pool cleaner to a specific pool can be a daunting task. Once you have found the right combination, keeping that cleaner working year after year is the responsibility of the home owner. Your first task is to read the owner’s manual. It contains valuable information on replacing parts and checking your cleaner when it is malfunctioning. All pool cleaners will require maintenance regardless of their brand and model. The surface of the pool will affect the longevity of the pool cleaner. Rougher surfaces will cause more wear on the pool cleaner. Below are some common issues that can cause pool cleaners to malfunction.

Some of the most common problems found in pool cleaners are the following:

Hose gets tangled:

green-pool• This could be a consequence of hanging the hose on a hook throughout the winter, or it’s wound up too firmly. To resolve this issue, you should lay the hose in a straight line, out in the sunlight. The suns heat will help remove the coil.

• For hoses with swivels, are they spinning freely – check out that all hose swivels are properly functioning.

• Hose floats have lost their buoyancy, causing the hose to sink below the surface. Substitute hose floats.

Cleaner doesn’t move at all:

• Small stones and sticks can become blocked inside the throat of a suction or pressure cleaner.

• Check wall strainers for debris and backwash the filter.

• Belt driven, just like the Polaris 380, check out that the drive belts haven’t cracked or become stretched.

• If booster pump driven, detach the cleaner at the wall, and make sure that great water force is coming out of the wall.

• For suction cleaner, ensure that the filter and pump are cleaned.

Cleaner doesn’t reach all parts of the pool:

• If your cleaner gets jammed in the deep end, you could have a pressure issue.

• Suction cleaners may have an inner problem with their gear box, which prevents complete travel around the pool.

• Water flood from your pool returns can stop cleaner travel into certain parts of the pool.

• Most swimming pool cleaners won’t climb steps.

All pool cleaners need some kind of maintenance. Items such as bags, shoes or wings should be kept on hand at all times. Other pool cleaner parts and accessories can be ordered as needed. You can order pool cleaner parts for most pool cleaners at If you have question you can e-mail us
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Monday, 5 January 2015

Hayward Pool Filters for Best Filtration into a cloudy or dirty swimming pool might be safe, it certainly is not appealing. In order to make a pool appealing it must be sanitary, clear and blue. Swimming pools require constant sanitization and cleaning. The heart of the cleaning is the pool pump and filter. The pump and filter must be sized correctly. The pump must be sized to the filter correctly, too large a pump in relation to the filter will not clean properly. Hayward is one of the leaders in swimming pool equipment. Hayward makes pumps, filters and chlorinators. Often when a pool is built you get the equipment installed by the pool builder. When it comes time to replace or upgrade your equipment, choosing Hayward brand products is a wise choice. Whether you pool is old or new you can add a Hayward Chlorinator to your pool. Chlorinators are small vessels that are plumbed into the filtration system after the pool filter. They hold chlorine tables and typically have a dial that allows you to regulate the water flow thru the chlorinator, increasing the dial will allow more chlorine to be dispensed to the pool. One consideration for using this type of chlorinator is the tablets are not directly in the pool and are away from children.

Hayward pool filters are available in three media types: Sand, Cartridge and Diatomaceous Earth. Each type of filter has advantages, cost savings and ability to filter your water efficiently.

The 3 classes of Hayward swimming-pool filters are sand filters, cartridge filters, and DE filters. The kind of filtration method you would select will rely on the size of your pool, geographical location and personal preference. Regardless of the type, Hayward Filters will provide you years of service and a great looking pool. Briefly here are the three types.

Sand filters:

The Hayward sand filter consists of a tank filled with pool-grade sand. When the water is passed through the filter, the sand traps the dirt. Sand filters require backwashing to periodically eliminate the dirt trapped in the sand.

Cartridge filters:

Hayward cartridge filters employ paper-like cartridges. The cartridges are employed to filter out the undesired debris from the circulating water. Larger cartridge filters employ more surface area in less space. Larger filters mean cleaning less often. Just cleaning these with a garden host is what needed for a proper cleaning.

DE filtration system: you’re looking for maximum level of accuracy in cleaning & sanitizing a pool, selecting the DE filter system would be the ideal choice for you. This filtration machinery makes use of diatomaceous earth, an absorbent material made with the compressed exoskeletons of diatoms.
Hayward supplies a wide collection of models for pool filters. A long time favorite of the pool industry is the Hayward Perflex Diatomaceous Earth filtration systems which offers great performance and reasonably is priced.

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