Sunday, 20 December 2015

Tips on keeping a swimming pool in good shape

Jandy Ray Vac Pool Cleaner PartsKeeping a swimming pool in good shape can prove to be challenging. Some people choose to have a professional pool company maintain their pool. This is often costly, but regardless of whether you have a pool professional maintain your pool or you choose to do it yourself, you should understand the basics. A well maintained pool is likely to cost you less money. A swimming pool cleaner will help improve the circulation of the pool as well as remove debris from the swimming pool. This allows chemicals to work more efficiently and keeps the pool free of debris such as leaves. All pool cleaners will require maintenance; at we have parts for all major types of swimming pool cleaners. The list includes: Hayward Pool Cleaner Parts, Jandy Ray Vac Pool Cleaner Parts and AquaVac Pool Cleaner Parts.

Maintain your pool filtering system:

The swimming pool filter is an important part of maintaining your pool. Make sure it is cleaned often, replacing pool cartridge filter elements as needed, Backwash and replace DE often and maintain proper water chemistry to keep your sand filter operating at optimal performance. When it comes to replacing filter grids on DE filters or parts for you sand filter, MyPool has a complete selection.

Water chemistry is the key to keeping your pool cost low:

BA-0101GPreventing a pool problem caused by improper water chemistry can play a huge role in keeping pool maintenance costs down. “A good offense is the best defence”. Through the proper use Chemicals, including pH adjusters, sanitizers and chlorine stabilizers, you can prevent problems and keep costs down. Keeping the chlorine level at the proper range will reduce the need for more expensive chemicals such as algaecides. Keeping the pH in the proper range will keep the pool from being corrosive or scaling further reducing the need to replace sand and other components. The use of a chlorine stabilizer will reduce the dissipation of chlorine, further reducing your costs.

Install and maintain a good pump:

A swimming pool pump is the heart of your swimming pool. It provides circulation for pool and helps chemicals work more effectively. In addition, it pumps water through the filter which removes debris from the water. A pool pump needs to be maintained to provide years of service. Periodically check the pump for leaks, if a pump is leaking it will soon lead to motor failure. Replace the pool pump baskets when it is cracked. Replace the pump lid o-ring if you see air bubbles, otherwise make sure it is clean. When your pump needs servicing MyPool has swimming pool pump parts for all major brands and parts diagrams to help make ordering easier.

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Thursday, 17 December 2015

The best way to keep your swimming pool in good shape

If you have a swimming pool, you should be concerned about its upkeep. Upkeep of a swimming pool includes: Keeping it clean and sanitary and ensuring the pool equipment is working at optimal performance. Water appearance may not be the only criteria by which you should judge your pool’s health. A perfectly blue clear pool may lack chlorine or other sanitizer at sufficient levels to ensure the safety of the swimmers. For this and many other reasons, you always have to make sure that your swimming pool is properly maintained at all times. The most important aspect is of course the level of the swimming pool sanitizer, typically chlorine. Removing excess debris from the pool will allow the chlorine level to be maintained at sufficient levels to be healthy. Remember anything that enters the pool will most likely reduce the chlorine level. This includes leaves, bugs, and bather load. For example: A fountain, while pretty, that spays water into the air, can reduce the chlorine level. There are numerous ways of keeping a swimming pool in perfect shape. Some of the major ways to always keep your swimming in a condition that is good enough for swimming are indicated in the passage.

• Ensure proper filtration of the Swimming Pool Water

In-pool-parts-3The swimming pool filter system is an important part of the proper maintenance of your pool. Your swimming pool filter should be cleaned frequently; A dirty filter can reduce the chlorine level of the pool and reduce the flow of water going back to the pool. Sand Filters should be backwashed when the pressure increases 3-5 pounds. Remember to turn off the pump when cycling between filter, backwash, and rinse. Repeat this process 2-3 times for best results. DE filters require the DE powder to be removed and replaced. Typically this is done when the pressure increases 3-5 pounds. Periodically, the filter will require opening and cleaning of the actual grids that are used to hold the DE powder. Finally, Cartridge filters require removal of the cartridge from its housing, and, hosing down the cartridge with a strong jet of water. When the filter media deteriorates, replacing the swimming pool filter cartridge.

At My Pool, we have complete swimming pool filters as well as replacement swimming pool filter parts for all types of swimming pool filters including Hayward Filters, Pentair Filters and Jacuzzi Filters.

• Keep contamination at bay:

swimming pool skimmer basketsAs a pool owner you must keep debris and other contaminants out of the pool. Make sure your skimmer weir is working properly and the swimming pool skimmer baskets is not cracked or broken. A swimming pool cleaners can help remove debris from the pool and provide additional filtration. Remember when the cleaner picks up the debris, the collected debris should be removed periodically. This includes emptying of bags, leaf canisters and pump baskets.

Chemical treatment of water:

Apart from cleaning the filter and ensuring the circulation system is working out at optimum performance, water chemistry is extremely important. Pool water should be tested weekly for pH and Chlorine levels. Alkalinity, Calcium, and Cyanuric Acid levels should be checked monthly. The key to water testing is to have a professional quality water test kit and to make sure the chemicals in the kit are fresh. Replacing the test kit chemicals periodically is essential.

Friday, 4 December 2015

Keeping your swimming pool clean cannot be easier than this

Keeping your swimming pool clean is not something you can escape. Even if you did not feel like keeping it clean, you may be compelled to do so by the situation it may be in. In the eyes of most people, keeping a swimming pool clean often appears to be very complicated. They often associate it with a lot of costs and time. But, it is actually very easy. If you have the right systems in place, you will definitely find it very easy to keep your swimming pool clean. Some simple but reliable tools that you can use to keep your swimming pool in perfect condition are highlighted in the passage.

First of all, you can take advantage of the simple filtering systems. Most people think that swimming pools require some of the most sophisticated filtering systems that are available on the market. But, this is far from the actual truth. There are simple filtering systems that you can use to keep your swimming pool in perfect shape all the time. Most of the simple filtering systems for swimming pools cost only a little. Therefore, you can easily afford them irrespective of your monthly income. A good number of the simple filtering systems that are available on the market today are actually easy to maintain because they only require simple filtering parts. This is a plus because many filtering parts that are simple in nature can easily be obtained from any of the stores around the world.

Keeping your swimming pool clean cannot only be achieved by the use of a filter. Rather, there are several other methods that you can use to keep your swimming pool in a perfect condition at all times. One of the most important cleaning systems is a swimming pool air blower. You can take advantage of the versatility that comes with such a pool cleaning systems. This is one of the most reliable methods that you can use to keep your swimming pool in perfect shape at all times.

If you think about it critically, you will obviously be quick to conclude that most of the Hayward cleaner parts or devices for swimming pools are not actually sophisticated. A perfect example is a skimming basket. It is actually made in a very simple and straight forward manner. You can use it to trap all dirt that is in the swimming pool. It is usually said to be reliable because of its portability and mobility. You can use it to clean any part of the swimming pool without encountering any kind of problems. However, it is mainly designed for removing contaminants that are large enough to be seen with a naked eye. There are a few designs which are capable of trapping micro contaminants. But, such designs are usually rare.

Over the years, it has been realised that swimming in winter is actually possible. If you still want to enjoy swimming in winter, you can do to take advantage of a hayward h-series pool heater. You can heat up your pool to make it conducive for swimming.

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